The Technical-Capability Maturity Model framework (T-CMMI) focuses on the quality of the product instead of the process. T-CMMI adopts a method for technical product evaluation and quality assessment as the basis for establishing the product’s level of maturity. The level of product maturity is measured by the degree of its compliance with the internal and external quality attributes defined in the stakeholders requirements. T-CMMI along with the assessment method will:

  1. Enable software companies to assess their software products to ensure they meet the desired quality before they release it to their clients,
  2. Enable clients to evaluate the quality of the product before purchasing it and
  3. Provide the clients with the ability to compare between the quality of different software products.

T-CMMI follows the CMMI approach in defining a reference model and assessment method. T-CMMI consists of two parts:

  1. Reference Model that describes the common basis for the assessors to assess the maturity of software products.
  2. Assessment Method that describes how to use the reference model in assessing the final software product.

More information about T-CMMI and T-CMMI templates can be found at the Resources page.

For any inquresy about T-CMMI please contact:

Dr. Mohammad Alshayeb